Saturday, 10 March 2007

I've put a draft of my CAA paper online because I said I'd get copies to a few people. I'll be re-organising it a little to get away from the Powerpoint slide-ishness of some of it, and re-writing into the 3rd person next week but I'd be interested to hear any comments in the meantime.

Buzzword or benefit: The possibilities of Web 2.0 for the cultural heritage sector, CAA UK 2007

Update: I've put the final version online at the same address (Buzzword or benefit) and moved the draft.

Thanks to everyone who read and commented!


  1. Mia
    I've just read through your paper and noticed the mention of the PAS feed for objects. We actually allow users to generate RSS feeds from any search they make and we already have various configured feeds here:
    We've got some more things to come, but our database development team are being slow with the goods.....

  2. Thanks Dan, that's really useful information.