Saturday, 28 April 2007

I've been in Laos since Easter but I'm back in London now, and I'm slowly catching up with email, RSS feeds, forums and mailing lists. The only archaeology I saw was Wat Phou but that was fantastic. And the 'Exhibition Hall' was quite good. A proper review and photos may follow if I get a chance soon.


  1. Henriette OlsenMay 11, 2007

    Cool please post some pictures soon. I was only in Loas for a week in 2002 but I still remember it quite fondly - It's so peaceful and rural and at least then - not much of a turist trap. Lucky you for going there!
    Henriette Olsen (MSc at Soton)

  2. Hey Henriette,

    it's lovely to hear from you!

    I've put some photos online at and have lots more to put online when I get a chance.

    cheers, Mia