Saturday, 13 December 2008

QR tags edging towards mainstream?

A London-based 'tech PR' blog post said this week:
When Kelly Brooks starts appearing in ads featuring QR codes you know that the 2D dot matrix bar code technology is close to a tipping point. Brooks features in a Pepsi campaign that has gone live this week and images of her clutching a QR code have featured in most of the tabloids.
Source: QR codes and the Kelly Brooks Pepsi campaign, hat tip for link: Heleana Quartey.

See also who says 'think of it as a TinyURL you can wear' and who say 'wear your profile'. There's even a Facebook 'add to friends' QR app and a Google Charts QR Code API.

It's interesting timing, as QR codes were discussed in a MCG thread on 'Putting web addresses on interpretation' that was in essence about linking from the offline physical world and online content.

While they're not mainstream enough to be a viable solution yet, we could be getting close to the tipping point where QR tags might become a viable way of bookmarking real world objects and locations. QR tags also provide a way of linking locations to online content without the requirements for a location-aware device.


  1. hi mia,

    you were asking about 'real life' uses of these codes. apparently the city of toronto really wants to know that what i throw out is my garbage. qr codes have shown up on our new garbage tags -- you have to put on on any extra bags you use.

    image on flickr: [sorry i couldn't link it in]


  2. Really interesting example, thanks!

  3. They are quite widely used within industry (tagging stock, barcoding letters, etc etc) but these aren't consumer facing! They aren't even compatible uses - lots of different proprietary systems.